Fixer Upper Homes

Fixer-Uppers are popular today.

One of the most frequent questions that I have received since I became a realtor, is Where can I find fixer-uppers?

Fixer uppers can be found in almost every possible neighborhood. From the elite communities, to the Ghetto. It is not unusual to find an uncared for property in some of the most influential communities.

When a property is poorly maintained or not maintained at all, it becomes a blight on the entire neighborhood. Because of the condition of the property, its value is reduced much lower than it would be if it was in tip top condition.

All Pros Realty has specialized in Fixer uppers for many years. YOu want to be very careful when shopping for these deteriorated properties, as some time they come home to bite you. Let assure you that one of your very best tools in your toolbox, is that of a highly skilled All Pros Realtor who has been thru this same scenario many times. This experience is
what will give you the edge when ready to make an offer on a property.

A well trained All Pros Realtor can work up a market analysis that will take into consideration all the work that needs to be done so that you can offer a price well under the market value. The market analysis will detail in writing what the average house in the neighborhood is worth when it is in tip top shape.

One of the things that we have learned from experience is that the very best results come when we purchase the most run down house in one of the best neighborhoods at a price well below the current market.

Now let’s don’t get carried away and start looking at run down houses that need major structural repairs. Warning! do not buy a house with known structural damage without the advice of a good structural engineer.

Once we find that run down house in a nice neighborhood, we must carefully evaluate to decide if the costs needed to return it to its full potential are within our budget.

But first lets get out there on the road and find a home that we can sink our teeth into. Of the many places to look, is the mls which is short for the Multiple Listing System which has all the homes for sale in the entire area.

This MLS will include not only the great shape homes, but all of the HUD and VA repos and government owned homes.

Occasionally a government home may be in good condition, but they are few and far between.

IF you would like to check out the bank Repos first look here.

However if you want to cut your teeth on the short sale arena, then begin here.

One thing I will be doing is giving you detailed training on the short sale as this can give you some great buys, but in some cases can get sticky and become a long drawn out process. But in any case come on in to our website and look around.

When you get ready to poke your nose into a few give us a call at All Pros Realty and one of our foreclosure specialist will walk your thru the entire procedure step by step.


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